Minimal Piano Collection X-XX including Canto Ostinato and 82 other compositions
Simeon ten Holt by Colette Noël
Simeon ten Holt 1923-2012
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Simeon ten Holt 1923-2012

CD Box Minimal Piano Collection, Volume X-XX

Including Canto Ostinato for two pianos (80'00) CD X

Piano Duo Sandra & Jeroen van Veen
Bergmann Piano Duo (Elizabeth & Marcel Bergmann)
Tamara Rumiantsev, piano Composers:
John Adams, Jurriaan Andriessen, Louis Andriessen, Marcel Bergmann, William Duckworth, Julius Eastman, Douwe Eisenga, Morton Feldman, Graham Fitkin, Joep Franssens, Kyle Gann, Philip Glass, Gabriel Jackson, Tom Johnson, Simeon ten Holt, David Lang, Colin McPhee, Chiel Meijering, Wim Mertens, John Metcalf, Carlos Michans, Meredith Monk, Arvo Pärt, Michael Parsons, Alexander Rabinovitch, Steve Reich, Frederic Rzewski, Tim Seddon,  Jeroen van Veen, Jacob ter Veldhuis and Kevin Volans. 11 cds 83 compositions 854 minutes...
Canto Ostinato on Volume X. Two Piano Version.
CD I - Volume X Simeon ten Holt, Canto Ostinato section 1 section 5 section 10 section 15 section 20 section 25 section 30 section 35 section 40 section 45 section 50 section 55 section 60 section 69 section 74, Theme I section 80 section 83 section 86 section 88 section 89 section 92section 95, Theme II section 100 section 105 section 106
CD II - Volume XI William Duckworth -Forty Changes -Binary Images Michael Parsons -Rhythm Studies, Nr I -Rhythm Studies, Nr II Douwe Eisenga -City Lines Gabriel Jackson -Rhapsody in red
CD III - Volume XII Kyle Gann -Long Night for 3 pianos Philip Glass (arr. for two, three and four pianos,  J. van Veen) -Metamorphosis II -Metamorphosis III -Metamorphosis IV Douwe Eisenga -Les Chants Estivaux (4 pianos) Meredith Monk -Ellis Island for 2 pianos
CD IV - Volume XIII Morton Feldman -Two Pianos -Intermission 6 -Piece for four pianos Jeroen Van Veen - Marcel Bergmann -Two Pianos on Strings -BACH in Strings pour 4 pianos
CD V - Volume XIV John Adams -Hallelujah Junction Colin McPhee -Balinese Ceremonial Music -Pemoengkah - Gambangan - Taboeh Teloe -Rebong -Lagoe Tjondong -Gabor Gong Marcel Bergmann -Morning Train -Midnight Journey -Incessant Bells -Boogie Mania Carlos Micháns -JoyDouwe Eisenga -Cloud Atlas
CD VI - Volume XV Chiel Meijering -Joke -Fast, cheap and out of control -Floating into space -She dissappears in my dreams -A place of coolness -Kissing her lips -Don't put me in your box -Why is the flag fluttering in the wind -Hypnosis -Go where the angels are -Berceuse -I Found A New Baby -Riddle with 3 eyes -Hammond -Don't ever leave me again -The roof of blue glass Arvo Pärt -Phasing on Arvo Pärt (arr. J. Van Veen)
CD VII - Volume XVI -Steve Reich -Piano Phase Kevin Volans -Cicada Steve Reich -Six pianos John Metcalf -Never Odd or Even Tim Seddon -Sixteen
CD VIII - Volume XVII Jurriaan Andriessen -Portrait of Hedwig (Canons 1-12) Wim Mertens -4 mains Louis Andriessen -The Hague Hacking Arvo Pärt -Hymn to a Great City Jacob ter Veldhuis -Views from a Dutch Train
CD IX - Volume XVIII Graham Fitkin -Totti (4 pianos) -White (4 pianos) Tom Johnson -Voicings Frederic Rzewski -Les Moutons de Panurge Julius Eastman -Gay Guerrilla
CD X - Volume XIX Philip Glass -In Again Out Again Douwe Eisenga -Theme from Wiek David Lang -Orpheus Over and Under Jeroen Van Veen -Incanto nr. I
CD XI - Volume XX Joep Franssens -Entrata -Old Songs New Songs -Between The Beats Alexander Rabinovitch -Liebliches Lied Meredith Monk -Phantom Waltz